Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Meme Of 3

Gracias Heather, I’m not usually into these too but I do need to expose myself a bit more!

People I'm tagging with this.
Lindol Crike Condenses –his summaries of the dailys are mind blowing.
Windywillow –read this blog today, beautiful pictures of the garden and she likes tomatoes!
Cowboydog –I just can’t get enough of these. Funny, disturbing, thought-provoking, brilliant.

Don’t forget to track-back to Heather's Boutique and her Meme of 3 including;
A Dress A Day

So here goes, it’s all about meme-me, Señor Tronosco.

Things that scare me.
Wasps, I’ve never been stung and actually once ran a good half mile to escape one. Yep, I was screaming and waving my arms about!
Big dogs with their own teeth. I try and pretend they are cute and lovable but I know the dog can sense I’m a scaredy cat.

People who make me laugh.
Lot’s, overheard conversations of strangers, my friends, colleagues. Anyone who can partcipate in the general day to day banter. Favourite famous ones –Ricky Gervais, Larry David, oh and Graham Chapman.

Things I hate the most.
Slugs, I once stepped on one with bare feet. I was out on a date and casually had to peel it off whilst trying to look sophisticated.
The 9to5 unless it challenging.
People who feel their social status or job position are more important than being human. In less technical terms, em…“keep it real” folks!

Things I don't understand.
Cricket. Drunken violence. Racism. How they get ships in small bottles? How women can determine and name colour shades. Mans’ stuff –How flash memory and digital broadcast transmission works?

Things I'm doing right now.
Thinking about what to have for tea.

Things I want to do before I die.
Work abroad, jump out of a plane or even base-jumping(obviously with a parachute), stand on a stage and muse, find a muse. Give up smoking not just cut down! Be able to lift more than two shopping bags without groaning like a weight-lifter.
Oh what the heck, record a prog rock album become a rock super star, buy a big mansion with tomato plantation, have some pool parties, drink a bit, go to re-hab, release disastrous self-indulgent follow up album and fade back into obscurity.

Things I can do.
Just about look after myself, roll my tongue. Play the guitar but very much like Inspector Clouseau could play the violin. Take a good photograph. Sew, not like dresses or anything but I once made a tent? Shoot clay pigeons.

Ways to describe my personality.
Disorganised, forgetful, thoughtful, fun loving, reckless but charming and passionate, Señoritas!

Things I can't do.
Swim any better than a stone. Hum the original Grange Hill theme tune –try it, it’s impossible! Grow or even keep alive house plants.

Things you should listen to.
The birds, music, your heart and your stomach!

Things you should never listen to.
Easy listening CD’s reduced to £1.99. People who cannot listen to you.

Things I'd like to learn.
Spanish (properly), rock climbing, horseriding.

Favourite foods.
Easy….Tomatoes, Feta, Jamon Serrano, fresh bread, egg and ham with chips, full english with plum tomatoes. A full roast with gravy.

Beverages I drink regularly.
Water, tea at home, coffee at work –bad vending machine stuff. Smoothie for breakfast, a few bottles of Alhambra cerveza now and then, bit of wine (red), occasional Tequilla when I’ve got nothing planned for the next two days.

Shows I watched as a kid.
Postman Pat, Bag Puss, Trap door –fantastic theme tune, The A-Team, He-Man and Transformers (Robot’s in Disguise!).


Blogger Heather said...

My dad grows tomatos in his dining room

3:02 pm  
Blogger Señor Tronosco said...

Thats the best room for tomatoes!

I grew some chilli peppers in the conservatory this year, in small pots. Well I say grew, some drowned, some died of thirst. The survivors were pretty damned hot!

9:12 pm  
Blogger Heather said...

I meant tomatoes. I said I was ditzy.

11:27 pm  
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